Hayley has a Learning disability and Tourette’s syndrome

She now lives independently in her own flat and has support from an on-site care team when she needs it.

“When I moved here it felt like walking into a dream. I can now do my own laundry; I can manage my own money with support. I can get stuff out for cooking and do a snack – it’s endless.”

The support Hayley receives now is very different to what she previously had in a long stay institution.

“They were quite strict about what time you went to bed and what time you got up. Everything had to be done their way.

“Independence is everything. I can now live the way I want to live. “I love my home and feel more relaxed.”

For Oscar, moving out of a residential college into a new supported living service was going to be a huge change in lifestyle.

He has autism, a learning disability and occasionally shows challenging behaviour. His family had some initial concerns that he lacked the life skills to adjust to his new home.

Hope Properties put the family in touch with Burrow Down Community Support Services who talked with Oscar and used person-centred planning tools to prioritise his goals and discuss how these would be achieved.

According to Oscar’s sister Rachael, the Burrow Down Community Support team took the time to get to know her brother in depth, which ensured that the transition was positively life changing: “One of my worries was whether staff would know what to do in certain situations. Oscar can get angry with himself if he’s not understood. But Sandy the service manager, talked in such detail about how he would be supported that it put my fears to rest.

Moving into supported living has been the best thing that has ever happened to Oscar. He seems as happy as he has ever been.”

At Hope Properties, our staff have a ‘can do’ attitude and were determined to support Pete to achieve the goal of moving into his own home.

Pete has profound learning and physical disabilities, including complex epilepsy and is only able to communicate via eye contact and facial expressions.

Hope Properties, worked with Pete and his parents to find a home that would meet his complex needs.

It was important that all foreseeable challenges were considered, including what equipment would be needed to enable him to gain independence and how Pete would be supported to live the life he wanted.

After discussions between his care team and Pete’s parent’s, suitable accommodation was acquired and adapted. To satisfy his sensory needs one of the bedrooms was converted into a sensory room. The smile on Pete’s face spoke a thousand words.

This move was a massive achievement for him.

Being able to live in his own home with friends has helped Eric to feel more in charge of his life.

Eric moved out of registered care last year and has never looked back. He wanted to live with others in a shared house and asked Hope Properties to find a suitable home where he could be safe but independent, near shops and public transport.

Eric moved into one of our Hope property homes in the centre of town, sharing with four other people of similar capabilities. Although Eric is visually impaired his housemates enjoy showing him around his new community.

Together they share in the responsibilities of the home, keeping it clean and tidy, and doing their own shopping and budgeting. They are safe and supported but in charge of their lives – and loving it.