Why Choose Hope?

At Hope Properties South West we provide a higher level of enhanced housing services of the following nature than would be the case in a general tenancy;

  • Assistance to tenants to resolve or prevent housing debt that impinge on their ability to pay for their housing.
  • Assistance to claim and manage housing benefit. Advise and assistance in relation to fulfilling tenancy conditions.
  • Advise and assistance to tenants on how to use equipment in their own home.
  • Advise and assistance to tenants in relation to their own personal safety and the safety and security of their accommodation.
  • Advise and assistance to tenants in relation to organising repairs or improvements to their home (property or contents).
  • Mediation in tenants neighbour disputes.
  • Issuing and enforcing occupancy agreements.
  • Collection and accounting for rent.
  • Organising and repair of properties or their contents DIY SERVICES.
  • Monitor the performance of third party care providers.
  • Regular tenancy meetings.